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Broadcasting Rates/Advertisement opportunities 

Send all flyer Ads & info to gabradio36@gmail.com

Host Your Own radio Show

April 21, 2018

Do you have a positive message you want to promote? Have you ever thought about having your own Christian radio show? Now is your time, our plans start at $20 a month 15min  broadcast . Click start now button to begin set up process. Internet Radio is the most popular way to get your message out to the WORLD!!  Sign up today!


3 Easy Steps to start broadcast your own show.

Step1: Get to know you Form(Please click on button below to fill out form)

or https://ritafurlow36.wufoo.com/forms/broadcast-my-own-radio-show/

Step2: Go to (click link below) to choose your broadcasting plan 


Step3: Wait for approval email and instructions on how to begin broadcasting. If you dont receive confirmation email within 24hrs send us a reminder email at gabradio36@gmmail.com

Promote my event, business, ministry

April 21, 2018

Do you have a Church event coming up? Need more exposure?  Well you came to the right place!!  Place your business ad or  Church event add on the front page of our website for EXPOSURE!!! Over 100 -1,000 people stop by this site daily to look around and listen to our radio show!! This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for business owners to promote products, book launch and ministry exposure for your Church as well!!! (Every ad will include a link attached to it, in order to  send potential prospects your way!)

Advertising Rates 

$25- ( 1week Front page ad)

$50- (2week Front Page ad)

$100- (1month  Front page advertising )

$250- ( 3month advertising includes 30sec commercial for 3months on air)

$500- 6month advertising includes 30sec commercial for 6months on air) 

Commercial Ads-(30-60sec. secs)

$75-(one time charge 30sec. airs 1 month only)

$100-(one time charge 30sec. airs 2months only)

$150 -(one time charge 30 sec. commercial airs for 3months ONLY) ( additional- $50  per every 3months time frame to keep ad airing.)

Send payments by paypal to mysoulsayes32@gmail.com or paypal.me/sheritafurlow (family & friend options) and send all ADVERTISEMENT INFO TO GABRADIO36@gmail.com (this includes: flyers, how long you want the ad to publish, website link to lead prospects to and any additional info you think maybe helpful)

Please allow 24hrs for your ad to PUBLISH from the time of payment. Also make sure you include the advertisement plan information , when sending your payment vis paypal. 

2nd  Payment Option: (please email us to let us know you are sending it by P.O Box)

P.O Box 443 

Sanford Fl. 32772

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